We know it's hard to think about spring with a snowy beginning to March, but we are thinking ahead, because it will be here before you know it! These two five-letter words are a great way to get started on your spring renovations without breaking the bank.


The single most affordable tip to spruce up your home inside or out for Spring is PAINT!

  • Try a bright new color for your front door
  • Shabby stoops and hand rails need love too
  • Give those old weathered planters a new coat of paint to keep urban gardens looking vibrant even on rainy days
  • Paint a single bright color on an interior accent wall and transform your space
  • Mismatched shabby furnishings and picture frames can be painted the same shade to unify and freshen the look
  • Paint the risers on your stairs for a more bold or playful feel

The best thing about paint is that it is not permanent. You can change it every season and experiment with a variety of shades and hues. And if you are a little shy with colors, no problem. Choose the color black for a more grounding effect or if you need a lighter, airy feel, choose the color white.

The second most affordable tip is CAULK. A fresh bead of caulk is a miracle fix for any home. Here's where to calk:

  • Around windows, and all trim from floor to ceiling and around doors
  • The tub and shower
  • Where the counter meets the wall or back splash
  • Did I mention tub and shower? Because it's really important!

Caulk has a concealing affect where two materials meet and where there are noticeable seams and holes. These seams create shadows and are visually distracting. Once filled in they miraculously disappear! There are many colors and and variety of caulk and grout. I like to use white along white trim and clear along granite, stone, and glass. I also suggest caulking before you paint.