1321-25 N 7th St. Philadelphia

    News flash! Not all grass is meant to be smoked people! Interestingly, grass is medicinal when used in more than "THAT" way. Grass can be used as a decorative accent and quite frankly, I admit, it is my new addiction. Green walls, green carpets (like this shaggy rug at N7 Condos staged by Busybee Design), green art, and green restaurant design (such as the urban garden look at Heritage Restaurant below).

    In an urban environment, we often forget how important nature is in our everyday lives. As winter sets in and the Autumn colors fade, we can get a little bummed out. Check out a few examples of how people are using Grass to enhance relaxation and bring inner peace into their lives, workplace, and homes. 100% LEGAL.

    [photo: Danya Henninger]