Are you ready to finally make the move to the greatest neighborhood in Philadelphia? Tired of reading about  the neighborhood your friends moved to years ago in the New York Times? Ready to stake your claim in one of the greatest urban revivals in the history of Philly? 

This Weekend! Get Ready to Experience Luxury at the first #SomersSocial at Bishop Square!

Make sure when you do, you buy the best new construction. The first Bishop Square luxury new construction townhome is on the market! The Rook, 2125 E. Cumberland, is mid construction with tons of fabulous built in amenities planned. 



See it From Above



2507 Collins St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 is under contract without ever hitting the market. 

Beautiful Interiors and Finishes

Visit our website for all the details, floor plans, and more.

It even features a two story light well!

Is that a 2-story light-well? Yes it is at👏🏻

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